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Additional Info

Please contact our wedding planner for more details, Joanne: 98284372 or
Joyce: 90622056
Rental Equipment (Optional)
.Usage of 3ft Square Table with White Table cloth @ $10.00 Each
.Usage of 5ft Round Table with White Table Cloth @ $30.00 Each
.Usage of Bistro Table with Table Cloth @ $35.00 Each
.Banquet chair with seat cover @ $8.00 Each
.Banquet Chair with Seat Cover and Ribbon @ $10.00 Per Piece
.*Rental of Melamine Ware (Full set with Glassware) @ $3.00 Per Set
.*Rental of Chinaware (Full set with Glassware) @ $4.00 Per Set
.Uniformed Service Staff @ $60.00 Each for 4 Hours
.Bartender @ $100.00 Each for 4 Hours

+Complimentary use of reception venue for 4 hours for a minimum order of
+ Complimentary 1 bottle of Champagne and Champagne Pouring Glass for
minimum order of S$ 2500.00
+ Complete professionally done buffet layout.
+ VIP table with Chinaware and banquet chairs with seat covers for 6 guests
OR solemnization table and banquet chairs for 5 guests.
+1 uniform butler service staff (minimum order of S$ 2500.00)

+ 1 uniform service staff in attendance (minimum order of S$ 2500.00)

+ Waiver of transport charge.
+ Complimentary food tasting for 4 guests upon order confirmation.
+ Provision of deluxe chafing dish.
+ Complimentary guest sign-in table.
+ Confirmation must be made at least one (1) week in advance.
+ All amendments must be made two (2) working days before the date of
+ A non-refundable 30% deposit or $500.00, whichever is higher, will be
incurred in the event of any cancellation.